These docs are for the prereleased 1.0.0.alpha2 version of Bootstrap Email - Give Feedback


Customize colors and default styles using SASS variables.

If you want to customize styles like colors or spacing or even want to add custom styles to be compiled with the SCSS and inlined into your email you can use a config file. By default Bootstrap Email will look for a bootstrap-email.config.scss file in the root of the working directory / project.

Here are the 3 files of SASS variables that you can customize by overriding:

  1. General Variables
  2. Color Variables
  3. Utility Variables

This is what a basic config file should contain:

//= @import bootstrap-email;

This allows you to customize all you want surrounding the base SCSS that gets pulled in. Here is an example of setting different colors to be used:

// Override all colors to black
$primary: #000000;
$secondary: #000000;
$success: #000000;
$info: #000000;
$warning: #000000;
$danger: #000000;
$light: #000000;
$dark: #000000;

//= @import bootstrap-email;

// Make all links pink
a {
  color: pink;

For more examples of variables that can be overridden check out the SCSS files for colors, utilities, and variables

Path to config

If you want to put your config file in a different location or use a different name other than the default you can:

  • Using the CLI:
    bootstrap-email -c path/to/bootstrap-email.config.scss
  • Using Ruby:
    html = '<div>Hello</div>'
    path = File.expand_path('path/to/bootstrap-email.config.scss', __dir__), options: {config_path: path}).perform_full_compile
  • Using Rails
    Bootstrap email will also look in `app/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap-email.config.scss` for the file.